Duties of a Marker

  • In the absence of an umpire, the marker should make sure that all aspects of play are carried out in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.
  • Mark all touchers with chalk and remove chalk marks from non-touchers as soon as they come to rest.
  • Centre the Jack
  • Place dead bowls on the bank.
  • Spot the jack 2 meters from the front ditch if it is delivered within that distance.
  • Wear appropriate attire.
  • Carry chalk or spray-chalk and a measure.
  • Learn where the Umpire Kit is located (30m tape, wedges, and a sideline string).
  • Learn the logos on the player’s bowls before play commences.
  • Give your constant attention to the head, players, and adjacent rinks.
  • Do not engage the players in conversation.
  • Only talk with the players if they initiate it.
  • Markers should make sure the jack is at least 23 meters from the mat line after it has been centred.
  • NEVER block a bowler’s vision of a rink marker.
  • When jack is being delivered, the best places to stand are on the bank above centre line or next to the centre line near the ditch, being careful not to block the centre mark.
  • Stand to one side of the rink, behind the jack and away from the head.
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted from the game you are marking.
  • DO NOT walk towards the head to look it over unless a player requests information.
  • When a player asks if he is holding shot, unless it Is obvious it is best to signal “it’s a measure”. Giving wrong information could be disastrous.
  • In general, do not volunteer information, but when a player asks a question, do not make them continue asking related questions. “You’re up two” is better than “You’re up.”
  • Whenever possible use hand signals.
  • Inform neighbouring rinks of an imminent firing shot.
  • STOP an incoming bowl or any other neutral object from an adjacent rink if it is likely to disturb the head on your rink.
  • When a runner is delivered, move to the front of the head where you will be in a much better position to observe the action and avoid moving objects.
  • Do not stop or catch bowls which are about to enter the ditch.
  • Be prepared to return a displaced live bowl or jack to its previous position if necessary.
  • If both players ask you to measure, have them remove all bowls not in contention.
  • If the players asked you to keep score, wait until they mutually agree on the end before recording it.
  • Diplomatically announce the current game score after each end. Do not broadcast it so
    loudly that others can hear you, especially if the score is lop-sided.
  • Only the players may ask for an umpire to be brought in.
  • After a match, report to the head marker or Tournament Director for your next assignment.
  • You may be asked to turn in both players’ scorecards.

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